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Louise Rose

It seems I am destined to be a lifelong learner. In the last year I've learned more than I ever wanted to know. Through it and, perhaps, because of it I continue to be grateful for the life I have and the ability -good health, a positive attitude and immoveable faith - to make a living doing the work of my heart.

This website is is one I've dreamed.  On this site you'll find past events listed and new ones. 
What I'm still learning about the life of the self-employed artist will be included (should be) in an up-coming book.
Keep visiting www.lrose.com for updated information.
As my Grandmother often said to me… 'it may not come when you want it, but it's right on time'.
Blessings and thanks,

Louise Rose:  Musician and More . . .

Louise Rose believes that the first and last words of every day should be "Thank You."  In short, her spiritual philosophy is the philosophy of gratitude.

Musical from a very early age, Louise's capabilities and interests haven't exactly been restricted to making music.  A native of Norristown Pennsylvania, she has, among other things, been a police officer, a Baptist missionary and a sociology teacher.

But all that changed after she arrived in Victoria in the early 1970's and fell in love with British Columbia's capital city.

While in a very real sense it is music that underscores all that Louise does and is, her questing nature has taken her beyond the limits of pure musicianship and into areas of expertise directly and indirectly related to her first love.


Louise Rose:  Communicator & Motivational Speaker . . .

Louise believes in positive ways of communicating even the most challenging concepts.  She knows that language either elevates or deflates.  She consciously chooses to elevate.

As a motivational speaker she can really get your juices flowing.
If they're already flowing, then she'll gently remove any boulders or logs that may be causing minor obstructions.

And although Louise has a sometimes-quirky life perspective, either she'll always get you to think, or she always gets you to think.


Louise Rose:  Facilitator . . .

She'll invest in you personally.
She'll take the time that you and your group may require to get to the next step.
She cares about the work she does.


Louise Rose:  Humourist . . .

Humour may be one of the only ways to get some people comfortable enough to even look at what the next steps are in life.  Louise's humour is truly able to do just that . . . in the style of Bill Cosby.
She's really funny!


Louise Rose:  Role Model . . .

Louise believes in the gift of time.

You'll often hear her say, "there is always time."  Making that philosophy a reality is a major motivator in Louise's life; consequently, she does more than the average person simply by deliberately doing less.  It's a concept that brings joy to every day of living and loving.
She tries to walk the talk.

Because, at the end of the day, her commitment to music, to people, and to all her many undertakings, is total.